Whether you are looking for a creative refresh of an incremental element of your talent approach or an innovative end-to-end reimagining of ‘what could be’ - we leverage deep expertise and partner with you to conceptualize, design and successfully implement the right solutions for your company.

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Areas of Expertise

We offer solutions in multiple areas of talent management:

  • Goals, Objectives, Results
  • Performance Management
  • Pay-for-Performance, Rewards
  • Employee Development Plans
  • Peer, Manager, Team Feedback
  • Manager & Employee Discussions
  • Manager Capability
  • Role of a Manager, Role of a Coach
  • Organizational Talent Discussions

Range of Services

We offer a full-spectrum of service 'sizes':

  • Advisory calls on a specific topic
  • Facilitated ideation workshops
  • Internal employee research
  • Root-cause problem analyses
  • Adjustments to a specific practice
  • A comprehensive reimagining of a new approach – from strategy through true change adoption
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I worked with Lisa for approximately 10 years in the areas of employee compensation, performance & development programs. Lisa is exceptional in her ability to “run the continuum” from deep, strategic and conceptual thought to practical implications. She thinks comprehensively about true change adoption and implements successfully. Additionally, she is masterful at summarizing complex concepts into influential executive-level discussions.

J. Ritchie Global Total Rewards Executive