Our Approach

Your employees drive your success. You know this and so do we!

What Informs Our Designs

our design

that Engage,
Enable, and Allow
Your Employees
to Excel

People Forward


  • Business and
    Workforce Goals
  • Culture & Principles
  • Talent Philosophy

Your Talent

  • Where You've Been
  • Where You Are Now
  • Where You Want to Be

The Humans

  • Brain-Based,
    Human-Friendly Designs
  • Inclusive & Bias Mitigating
  • Clear Value-Proposition

Your company is unique and your approach to enabling the best results from your workforce should be carefully built for your people, your culture, and your goals.

There’s no singular approach that’s right for all organizations. We don’t deliver pre-fab solutions or modestly-adjusted designs. We absolutely leverage research, experience and best practices in considering options, but none of that information points to just one way to do things. Our solutions begin and end with your company's specific needs.

Company-Specific Factors

We say we customize and we mean it.

  • Your current and aspirational culture
  • Your business goals & workforce implications
  • Your talent philosophy, principles and priorities
  • Your talent management journey
  • Your employee and leader feedback
  • Your holistic end-to-end employee experience
  • Your company’s appetite and room for change
  • Your people-managers’ current & needed capabilities

Universal Factors

We build solutions that are effective with humans.

  • Data, research and best practices
  • Human-friendly, brain-effective practices (neuroscience)
  • A growth-mindset, continual learning
  • Inclusivity, diversity, reduction of bias
  • Recognizable value
  • Consumable simplicity
  • Achievable capability

Let us partner with you to explore, design and implement fresh, effective approaches that engage and enable people to always be learning, growing and delivering continually greater results.

Our job is to make a clear positive difference for your organization. We do our job.

Lisa consulted for us when I was VP, Talent Management at Intuit. She is a deep, deep subject matter expert on all things related to human and organizational Performance & Development. Through cultural understanding, she designs custom solutions that are aligned to the specific needs of the organization. Lastly, her expertise extends to change management, which is critical to ensuring this type of work achieves the desired outcomes.

Heather Kirkby Chief People Officer at Recursion Pharmaceuticals